The California Press Foundation is both a membership organization and a 501(c)(3) fiscal organization. Your membership and your additional contribution both secure current programs and support the expansion of the Cal Press mission.

MEMBER DUES ARE $50 PER YEAR and are by individual, not company.

Dues support the ever more crucial Cal Press mission:
  • To be the guardian of the history and traditions of California journalism;
  • To recognize and honor contemporary achievements;
  • To assure the future and integrity of California journalism through education and professional support; and
  • To provide a social and educational forum for its members.
OF YOUR $50 DUES, $20 FUNDS GRANTS that benefit student journalism programs in California.

Cal Press’ Lifetime Members include Bruce Brugmann, left; Marty Weybret; Paulette Brown-Hinds and Craig Harrington. Not pictured: Paul Nicholas Boylan, Becky Clark, Dean Eckenroth, Hal Fuson, Al McCombs.
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the California Press Foundation is $1,000. A Lifetime Member receives a unique handcrafted redwood bowl bearing the Cal Press quill logo. To secure your Lifetime Membership, please click below or send your $1,000 check to California Press Foundation, 2701 K St., Sacramento CA 95816-5131.

Cal Press also is a sustaining member of the First Amendment Coalition and is active in other journalism support projects.

The association’s annual meeting the first Friday of December in San Francisco features entertaining and educational programming and the presentation of several prestigious awards.