THE CALIFORNIA NEWSPAPER HALL OF FAME honors deceased newspaper men and women whose outstanding devotion to their responsibilities resulted in substantial contributions to their regions and to the development of California.

JUSTUS F. CRAEMER NEWSPAPER EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR AWARD recipients are publishers, editors-in-chief and equivalents who have involved themselves in the directions of the editorial and news side of their newspapers by showing exceptional editorial achievement. Their newspaper has made an impact on its community or influenced local, state or national concerns as a result of their journalistic effort.

THE PHILIP N. MCCOMBS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD honors distinguished publishers who are no longer fully active in the industry but who have served their communities well for an extended period and have made lasting contributions to the industry and its traditions.

THE MARK TWAIN AWARD FOR JOURNALISM EXCELLENCE in California, awarded posthumously, honors superior journalism among newspapers and news sites across California.

THE CALIFORNIA PRESS ASSOCIATION JACK BATES AWARD honors an individual for distinguished service to the California Press. This individual has demonstrated effective leadership in addressing newspaper challenges and assisting journalism education. Honorees show that the best leadership for future newspapers comes from those who understand and appreciate how to take the best of the past and invest it going forward.